Klik her for at oprette en profil

Hello and welcome to Hellerup fencing club!

Here you can find out all the practical details about the club, venue, people involved and training schedules as well as keep an eye on all the up-to-date news. If you are a first time visitor looking to get involved in a club in Copenhagen then you have come to the right place. We welcome new faces and are proud to introduce them to the unique and all-embracing atmosphere at HFK. We know that fencing can seem intimidating at first glance but rest assured that everyone at the club is committed to making sure that new members feel as comfortable as possible and a part of the club from their very first step onto the piste.
One of the big contributing factors to the special atmosphere here at HFK is the number of international members we have. A lot young members are pupils at the International School. There are fencers from all over Scandinavia, Europe and even further afield, and if you are an experienced fencer looking for somewhere to continue the sport you love then we even have a handful of world class medallists. Fencing is a world-wide sport and there is so much to gain from welcoming every nationality into one place to experience and interact through a shared passion.
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